What is WSF?

- You lock WSF (any period from 1 day to 4 years) in the WSF Bank to receive xWSF token as a receipt.

(Proportionally, the longer you lock, the more xWSF you will receive. A 4-year lock will give a 1:1 ratio of WSF to xWSF conversion.)

- By just holding xWSF, everyday you get BUSD reward from 4% WSF trading volume, plus 1.16% WSF interest (auto-compound to 6,633.17% APY for you). You will get back your locked amount after 60 days if you lock for 4 years.

- BUSD rewards are calculated based on your proportion percentage of the overall xWSF in circulation, this percentage gives you a proportional access to the funds accumulated from the pool collected from the 4% WSF trading volume, accumulated from the buy & sell tax.

- xWSF holders can vote in WSF DAO governance for important factors such as transaction tax change...

- You can unlock xWSF before time but 0% of your locked WSF will be burnt.

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